The network passport is your self-governing identity layer for the network and your gateway into the metaverse. The matrix will have new rules and with that we can design a new type of passport with new parameters.

Why get a network passport?

  • Become a netizen in one of the first network states inside the ever expanding virtual world also known as the metaverse, the matrix or the network.
  • A network passport will be an identity that you own that cannot be revoked by corporations, companies, states or even the network itself. Your avatar will be inscribed onto it.
  • Even if you already have NFTs in your wallet that carry your avatar's name and profile picture, this will serve as an additional form of identification and as a specific login for the value that comes by being a netizen of the network.
  • In the future you may want to connect your real world identity to your avatar. The network passport is your bridge between those worlds.
Note: we do not compete with nation states. In fact, we will work with them to help you leverage your network passport to access things in the real world. We also do not compete with name service domains on blockchains. For now your body needs to live in the physical world and for that you will need a real world identity.
Last modified 2yr ago